Airport mantras for peaceful holiday travel and best Christmas video ad

Follow these airport mantras and make travel far more joyful

airport mantrasThe holiday madness in airports has begun. Even with total airline traffic down by around 60 percent this holiday season, there will be crowds. American, Southwest, and United are filling their planes. And the social distancing is making security checks go slower. During crowded travel times we all need the reminders of airport mantras.

These airport mantras can help to make travel more peaceful and change your experience.

Over the next week, herds of people across the globe will be navigating their way through airports. They will deal with the obstacles, delays, and cancellations of air travel in order to reach friends and family. However, in our anxious journey to get from Point A to Point B, stress wins. We don’t always share the same loving spirit that the holidays represent with those along our path.

Take the spirit of the holidays with you to the airport and on your flight

So, remember to take the spirit of the holidays with you to the airport. And, leave the stress. Stay jolly even when things may seem hectic and frustrating. Keep the following seven holiday mantras dancing through your head as you experience the magic of flying.

  1. Download Airplane Carry-on ChecklistSay “Thank You” before you enter the airport – be grateful for the opportunity to travel. Remember those not able to travel throughout the world.
  2. Wish “Happy holidays!” to the airline employee who is herding cats all day long at the ticketing counter and boarding gate. Encourage them through your mask. Ninety-seven percent of what they hear all day long is negative.
  3. Watch the security lines and wish the other travelers well. Imagine the friends and family that they are also in a hurry to celebrate with. Give them peace and space whenever you can.
  4. Find a spot to enjoy five minutes of silence. Close your eyes and appreciate right where you are.
  5. On the plane, help someone who is struggling with putting their bag in the overhead compartment. Help children with their masks. And, remember yours.
  6. Write a loving note to someone that you need to share a more poignant message with this holiday season.
  7. “Step Back from the Baggage Claim” — don’t rush to “claim” what we think is ours this holiday season. Remember the grateful and compassionate meaning the season represents, and put those actions into motion.

Step back from the Baggage Carousel — crowding doesn’t make it go faster.

Travel during the pandemic has additional hassles. Social distancing, face masks that mean smiling with your eyes, and when moving through airport terminals wash your hands whenever you can. If you wait and take your time there will always be more space and fewer hassles. Maybe, these days of stressful travel will teach you how more peaceful standing back from the traffic of mankind can be.

Change begins from the ground up. The pressure underneath the wings has to be greater than the pressure above the wings. Change begins with singular moments. It can begin at the baggage claim and carry into our everyday lives. Change begins with you and me.

Happy Holidays! And, Travel Gracefully.

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