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Want to improve air travel? Start here Washington Post, October 20, 2021
Southwest Airlines cancellations: What are airline passengers entitled to? CNN October 11, 2021
DOT takes another look at how families are split on airplane Travel Weekly September 13, 2021
Airlines are being too heavy-handed when enforcing mask policies for families with toddlers, says an industry expert Business Insider, September 5, 2021
COVID-19 Travel Guide: How to Prepare for Your Trip Consumer Reports August 5, 2021
Philadelphia-area travelers left stranded as Spirit Airlines cancels flights across U.S. Philadelphia Inquirer, August 3, 2021
Business travel might be going out of style Axios, August 3, 2021
Spirit Airlines Cancels Flights, Leaves Customers Stranded NBC10/Responds, August 2, 2021
What to Do if Your Airline Ticket Voucher Is Expiring NBC10 Philadephia, NBC 10 Dallas, July 19 and 20, 2021
Biden Mandates Action on Airline Refunds and Baggage Fees AFAR July 12, 2121A
Eye on Travel — Hotel Du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware — June 19, 2021, Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio
Why Airlines Let Sick Passengers on Flights Wall Street Journal, Scott McCartney, June 16, 2021, also in Mint.
Travel is back — and so are travel scams CNN Travel May 26, 2021
A4A and Travelers United join coalition urging safe reopening of critical markets Transportation Today May 5, 2021
Rental Car Woes: Sky-High Prices if Cars Are Even Available Consumer’s Checkbook April 14, 2021
Grounded: Some cities lost more than half their flights amid COVID-19 Investigate TV, Channel 7, March 29, 2021
Airline ‘Change Fees’ Rules About to Change Again Consumers’ Checkbook, March 26, 2021
Know your rights when traveling Associated Press Citizens Voice and others, March 17, 2021
MGM Resorts sued over resort fees Travel Weekly March 12, 2021
Travelers United Takes on MGM Over Resort Fees, Flyer Talk, March 11, 2021
Traveler advocacy group sues MGM Resorts over resort fee practices The Points Guy March 11, 2021
MGM Resorts sued over resort fees 3NBC News, March 11, 2021
MGM Resorts facing lawsuit over use of resort fees Las Vegas Review-Journal March 10, 2021
MGM Resorts sued for fraudulent resort fees Travel News Online March 11, 2021
How to Protect Your Investment When Planning a Vacation During the Pandemic NBC10, Philadelphia, February 22, 2021
JetBlue plans major route growth with American alliance PAXEX.AERO February 2, 2021
DOT faces new pressure to halt implementation of American-JetBlue joint business Flight global,, January, 25, 2021
Biden orders that travelers to the United States must show negative test for COVID-19 and continue quarantine Gruntstuff, January 22, 2021
Biden Team Vows Tough Enforcement Of Anti-Virus Travel Steps Financial Advisor, January 22, 2021
Why the decline of business travel matters Axios January 6, 2021
United Airlines and CDC partner up for contract tracing initiative Consumer Affairs, December 17, 2020
Estimating Air Travel’s Recovery Timeline, Reason Foundation, December 2020
Pandemic Could Cut Business Travel by 36% — Permanently, Wall Street Journal, Bangkok Post, and more December 2020
A Good-News/Bad-News Scenario for In-Person Events, MeetingsNet, December 4, 2020
Consumers protest new measure of ‘unfair’ airline practices, Associated Press, December 1, 2020
Boeing’s troubled 737 Max cleared to fly again. When will travelers start boarding? USAToday, November 18, 2020
For Thanksgiving, some Philadelphia travelers are looking for someplace sunny. Many people will stay home The Philadelphia Inquirer November 14, 2020
Parents face holiday flight nightmare if kids can’t keep masks on. But airlines take a hard line USA Today, November 10, 2020
Is the government doing enough to protect air travelers? Washington Post, October 21, 2020
These pandemic upgrades and downgrades might surprise you Washington Post, September 30, 2020
Boeing whistle-blower claims 737 Max updates are not adequate, Aviation Nepal, September 24, 2020
Parents, Airlines Fight Over Face Masks for Children FlyerTalk, September 24, 2020
Airlines under scrutiny over mask policies as parents with toddlers get kicked off flights ABC News, September 23, 2020
How Stakeholders, Aviators and the Industry Stand on the Boeing 737 MAX, Flyertalk, September 22, 2020
FAA’s own engineers say proposed fixes to Max aren’t enough, Crain’s Chicago Business, September 21, 2020
Big airlines fight with smaller ones over airport rights, The Hour, September 11, 2020
JFK Airport Tests Thermal Imaging to Screen for Signs of Covid-19 Wall Street Journal, August 12, 2020
A pledge from American Airlines: Your flight out of Philly may be full, but it will be clean Philadelphia Inquirer June 30, 2020
The change fee is now a public health issue The Middle Seat, Air Mail, Wall Street Journal, June 24, 2020.
Turbulence: Experts Offer Insight to How Airline Industry Can Safely Navigate Through Pandemic and Re-Build Consumer Confidence June 17, 2020
Too sick to fly: Should airlines offer refunds to infectious passengers? Durango Herald, Washington Post Syndicate, June 8, 2020
Too sick to fly: Should airlines offer refunds to infectious passengers? Washington Post May 27, 2020
Demand for Air Travel to Lag Behind At Least Until 2023, KTRH Houston News, May 19, 2020
Congress introduces new bill requiring cash refunds from airlines – regardless of who cancels the trip, Washington Post and Philadelphia Inquirer May 14, 2020
Canceling A Trip Due To Coronavirus? Here’s What Travelers Need To Know, April 24, 2020
Air Passenger Rights During Coronavirus Crisis Consumers’ Checkbook, April 20, 2020
Urged by airline industry, Americans kept flying as virus spread Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 13, 2020
How to secure a refund for a flight canceled due to coronavirus, according to the experts The Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, April 9, 2020
Airlines ordered to provide refunds for canceled flights KOMO News April 9, 2020
Airfare Refunds Hinge on Whether Carrier or Flyer Cancels First BloombergQuint April 8, 2020
Cash Crunch Pits Airlines Against Customers in Refund Spats Bloomberg Business, April 5, 2020
Airlines Ordered to Refund Cost of Flights Canceled by Virus. Bloomberg News, April 3, 2020
Caesars Entertainment Raising Resort Fees at Four Las Vegas Properties Gamblers News April 2, 2020
What to expect the next time you fly — changes airlines have made in response to the coronavirus pandemic Business Insider April 2, 2020
Passenger Activist Calls for Relief Package to Bar Airline Cancellation Fees When Flyers Are Sick Skift March 26, 2020
Can you get an airline ticket refund due to postponed Olympics or coronavirus crisis? Los Angeles Times March 24, 2020
Travel industry grapples with cancellations, changes amid COVID-19 outbreak MarketPlace, March 2, 2020
Critics: Airlines’ proposed would make regulation harder Texarkana Gazette February 29, 2020
Caesars Raises Resort Fees at 4 Las Vegas Properties Best US Casinos, February 28, 2020
Critics say airlines’ proposed rule on unfair practices would make regulation harder LA Times, February 27, 2020
What You Should Know About Travel Refunds Amid Coronavirus Outbreak NBC 10 Philadelphia, February 27, 2020
Caesars raising resort fees at 4 Las Vegas properties Las Vegas Review-Journal, February 27, 2020
Canceling A Trip Due To Coronavirus? Here’s What Travelers Need To Know. Huffington Post, February 26, 2020
Petition asks Delta, United and American airlines to seat families together without extra fees Washington Post, February 26, 2020
How the Spread of Coronavirus Could Affect Your Travel Plans Consumer Reports, February 24, 2020
DOT proposes to clarify rule on airline deceptive practices Travel Weekly, February 21, 2020
Airline Flight Delays Got Worse in 2019. Here’s a Scorecard. New York Times, February 19, 2020
It’s not you: 2019 was a bad year for US air travelers New York Times, Febu=ruary 19, 2020
How Will Brexit Impact on the UK’s Travel and Tourism Sector? Chart Attack February 18, 2020
Airlines Now Worry Their Passengers Could Be ‘Flight Shamed’ Air Talk, KPCC Los Angeles NPR, February 10, 2020
Travelers are getting help in a fight against hotel amenity fees CNBC February 9, 2020
Help! How Do I Get Out of Resort Fees? New York Times February 8, 2020
What Are Your Rights as a Traveler Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak? NBC 10 Philadelphia, February 6, 2020
Rental Cars and Cashless Tolls: Convenience Might Cost You New York Times, January 23, 2020.
21st Century Flights Still on 20th Century Time The Well News December 17, 2019
Former flight attendant Jan Brown on a lifelong mission to ban lap infants on airplanes December 12, 2019, MSN on Facebook, Microsoft News
Delayed Departure: Flying Smarter This Holiday Season NBC Connecticut December 12, 2019
‘Influencer’ shares details of inside discussions of 737 MAX safety at Boeing Sky Statement December 8, 2019 and Herald Journalism December 10, 2019
U.S. airports want to nearly double passenger user fees added to ticket prices; airlines say ‘no‘ Valliant News, December 6, 2019
Airline fines have fallen to historic lows. That could be bad news for travelers.
Washington Post, December 4, 2019

Nevada resort officials mum on new legislation on lodging fees, Denton Daily, November 29, 2019
Yes, you are being asked if you want travel insurance more often Marketplace, November 28, 2019
FAIR Fees Act seeks prohibition on excessive airline charges Transportation Today November 26, 2019
This Is The Real Reason Why Your Flight Is Late Forbes Magazine, November 21, 2019
With Travel Season Ahead, Senator Markey, and Reps. Cohen and Garcia Reintroduce Legislation to Stop Rising Airline Fees Aviation Pros, November 21, 2019
Wyden Introduces Bill to Curb Surprise Baggage Fees Charged by Airlines Willamette Week, November 20, 2019
Hidden travel fees Federal News Network, November 3, 2019
The travel website you’re using says there’s ‘only 1 room left’ — is that true? NBC BETTER October 29, 2019
Do You Know Your Airline Rights? Probably Not, Says Survey Forbes Magazine, October 24, 2019
Consumer groups apprehensive about test of aircraft evacuation standards Travel Weekly, October 23, 2019
Fliers are bigger, seats are smaller: Consumer groups say airline safety tests are outdated LA Times and Omaha World-Herald, October 21, 2019
Consumer groups: Outdated FAA evacuation standards put passengers at risk KTVA Anchorage, Alaska, October 21, 2019
Travel Agency Group ASTA Aims to Shield Hotel Guests From Resort Fee Pain Skift October 15, 2019
Las Vegas resort fees continue to rise with Caesars Entertainment Reno Gazette-Journal October 11, 2019
Congress takes on ‘hidden fees’ at hotels and resorts. Here’s what it could mean for travelers USA Today and Chicago Sun-times October 8, 2019
With little FAA direction, vaping devices add to fire dangers on planes Washington Post & Washington Post Syndicate October 7, 2019
Resort fees are facing a fresh crackdown from members of Congress Washington Post October 4, 2019
Congress members looking to put an end to ‘the most-hated fee in travel’ Fox Business October 3, 2019
New Resort Fee Legislation Would Disrupt How Hotels Are Sold Online Skift & Yahoo Finance October 1, 2019
U.S. House intros bipartisan legislation on resort fees Hotel Management September 30, 2019
Analysts: Including Las Vegas Resort Fees in Advertised Room Rate Would Hurt Gaming Industry September 30, 2019
Nevada resort officials mum on new legislation on lodging fees Las Vegas Review Journal September 27, 2019
‘The most hated fee in travel’ hits Congress SF Gate September 27, 2019
Those hidden resort fees you hate paying? Travel websites fight back Los Angeles Times August 27, 2019
Is Now The Time For An Airline Passengers’ Bill Of Rights? August 25, 2019
Marriott and Hilton Sued Over ‘Resort Fees,’ Long a Bane for Travelers New York Times August 23, 2019
Resort fees are the center of suits that could change travel booking experience Los Angeles Times August 9, 2019
Department of Transportation clarifying its rules on flying with emotional support animals CNYCentral August 9, 2019
United Airlines Confronts Ticketing Ploy That Nets Travelers Cheaper Fares Skift, August 1, 2019
Florida hotels have been charging deceptive, hidden fees for decades. Two state attorneys general are suing to stop them Orlando Weekly, Jul 29, 2019
Hidden Hotel ‘Resort Fees’ Under Fire AARP July 25, 2019
Hotel ‘resort fees’ face a second legal challenge San Francisco Gate July 24, 2019
Q & A with Charles Leocha of Travelers United (Leading Change in Travel), July 2, 2019
Can airlines force travellers off a plane for being sick? Montreal Gaxette, Washington Post, Alton Telegraph June 28, 2019
What we’re reading LA Times, May 30, 2019
5 things you need to know about booking a budget airline ticket, according to experts CNBC May 17, 2019
Southwest flight canceled? That’s why reason the Airline won’t book you on another carrier GlobeStats, April 10, 2019
Southwest flight canceled? Here’s why the airline won’t book you on another carrier USAToday, April 8, 2019
Consumer, Taxpayer and Air Traveler Advocates: No Airport Tax Increases March 25. 2019

FAA grounds Boeing models involved in crashes Boston Herald March 13, 2019
Hey Congress, Increased Taxes On Airline Tickets Won’t Fly Real Clear Policy March 12, 2019
Is travel insurance worth it? NBC News March 6, 2019
7 key changes travelers can expect in 2019 January 23, 2019
You bought your airline ticket, now pay to pick a seat CBS News December 21, 2018
Airlines, consumer groups ready for fight over proposed bill Atlanta Journal Constitution August 7, 
Avoiding airline fees: Tips to fly with the ones you love for less Boston 25 News Augut 6, 2018
Settlements in air fare collusion suit puts pressure on Delta, United The Atlanta Journal-Constitution June 28, 2018
Who will save passengers from the greedy airlines? The Saunders Report June 25, 2018
Hidden or unexpected travel fees can break your vacation budget NBC News June 12, 2018
Dear Travel Industry, Please Pardon our Current Disruption Medium June 1, 2018
Taking care of kids while traveling, LA Times, May 30, 2018
Capture of Regulatory Agencies — Kluwer Law Online, May 31, 2019
New software lets airline websites selectively display competitors’ fares Travel Weekly, May 24, 2018
How to tell the age of the plane you’re flying on Fox News April 25, 2018
Southwest emergency: Did the FAA wait too long to order engine checks? April 20, 2018
Getting There: Plan ahead to get best seat at right price Connecticut Post April 2, 2018
In wake of Iowa family’s deaths from toxic gas, experts remind travelers to be vigilant Omaha World-Herald March 27, 2018
Airlines Ask the U.S. Government to Keep Certain Fees Hidden Wings Journal March 26, 2018
Department of Transportation Drops Airline Fee Transparency Efforts, Travel Market Report, December 11, 2017