Mission Statement

The mission of Travelers United is to identify and promote ways to improve and enhance travel for consumers across all modes of travel — airlines, rental cars, cruise lines, rail and bus transportation and accommodation.

It is our vision  that the voice of everyday travelers be heard by lawmakers, regulators and travel companies when policy is being shaped, resulting in a better overall experience for YOU, the consumer.

In doing so, Travelers United will seek to meet these objectives through a variety of means,
including, but not limited to, the use of the following :

  • Educating lawmakers, regulators and travel industry about consumer needs
  • Educating consumers about laws, regulations and travel industry rules
  • Aggregating and identifying discounts for members to make travel more accessible and affordable
  • Member surveys, newsletters, and other relevant publications

Travelers United is the only nonprofit, consumer travel organization dealing with air, rail, bus, rental car, cruise, and lodging.  With a presence in Washington, DC we regularly bring together the Department of Transportation, the Federal Trade Commission, congressional representatives, and major stakeholders to impact important issues on behalf of travelers.

Our staff regularly meets with travel industry leaders (American Society of Travel Advisors, Global Business Travel Association, Airline for America, Internet Companies, Hotel and Lodging, Rental Car, Bus and Rail) to educate and advocate on issues regarding privacy, disclosure of fees, consumer safety, complaint resolution and best customer service practices for travelers.

Visit our accomplishments page for more details about our travel victories.