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For the first time travelers have a voice in the decision-making process.

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  • For Media — Charlie Leocha, Tel. 202-7139596, email: charles.leocha@travelersunited.org
  • For member help — info@travelersunited.org

We’re Travelers United, the only non-profit, membership organization that represents all travelers. Based in Washington, DC, we work tirelessly with Congress and travel regulators, testify before the committee and discuss consumer issues with travel associations that represent all modes of travel.

Government, travel providers and travel agents all form a web of travel rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are not set arbitrarily, but are created through a deliberative process — a process where Travelers United provides a strong consumer voice. We are part of the process

Our efforts are focused in three main areas:

Advocacy – representing the voice of the consumer in DC and around the country.

Education – create consumer awareness of current issues; pending decisions, rules and regulations; consumer rights as well as opportunities for action

Research –  determine the consumer impact of internal government debates regarding travel by surveying and polling our membership as well as members of the general public, along with partnering with research organizations and leading industry analysts.

Great travel experiences start long before passengers board airplanes, buses and trains. They start long before travelers pick up their first guidebook and start making hotel reservations. Wonderful travel experiences are a combination of a travel and tourism infrastructure that works and has clear, understandable rules and good customer service, together with travelers who are savvy enough to avoid potential problems during journeys.

Only Travelers United has the information, insights and influence you need to smooth the bumps in the road.

Your membership helps us accomplish our goals.   As a member:

  • Your influence will extend to Washington decision-makers as we leverage your voice to create better laws and regulations.
  • You’ll benefit from actionable information, authoritative travel tips, insider blog posts and an active social media program.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in surveys and polls that will assist the DOT and Congress as they create transportation legislation and policy.
  • Travelers United members also enjoy $25 a month of dining savings and a cybersecurity package that includes secure WiFi, access to a VPN, and use of a Swiss data vault for storage of important documents.

Visit our membership page to learn more about the benefits you receive by joining Travelers United Plus.

We’re Travelers United.  Offering you unmatched resources to improve not only your trip, but upgrade the travel experience for everyone, and benefits members can use every day at home or when traveling across the planet.

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