Packing systems may be the right way to improve your trip

New packing systems may help with the coming new world of domestic travel

Recently, I got sucked into watching packing system videos on YouTube. Sure, many of them, and oodles of time can be wasted watching them all. After watching for a while, I selected these packing systems as offering different approaches to packing.

Sometimes small changes make travel easier and more pleasurable

This video starts by telling travelers that they will need one hand free while moving through airports. Next, she consolidated bags so that there are no problems boarding. Packing cubes are preferred. Bring an extra battery power bank. Use an airline magazine or sunglasses to prop up cell phones. Bring your own headphones. Get cash from ATMs. Take photos of your passport and driver’s license.

Pack for a week by layering clothes

For me, this was a new way to pack that actually works. Watch these two travel experts pack 16 garments in a 22-inch carry-on bag. The secret is folding clothing then alternating and layering them. Ingenious. You can go on a two-week trip and never wear the same combination of clothes.

Get refunds in cash when airlines cancel your flightHere are more tips for a new packing system — make use of all space

More tips. Pack socks in shoes. Roll socks. Wrap shoes in hotel shower caps. Use binder clips to keep headphone cords untangled and to protect razors. Pack emergency cash away. Take an empty water bottle. You get the idea. Watch and learn.

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