Newsletter – February 15, 2015

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A week in review: Avoiding baggage fees, fee waivers, boarding flights too early and romance

Let’s face it. Baggage fees are a nuisance. Consumers feel like those fees are another money grab by the airline. Charles McCool explains 8 ways to avoid those charges. Do you have others? Please make your comments at the end of the story.
Another “money grab” are fee waivers. If an airline offers one, should you take it? Or should you ask for a refund? Read below to find out.
Have you ever been loaded on to a plane and then made to wait awhile before take-off? It’s happening more frequently. This week’s article on early boarding gives a few examples of how irritating this can be.
Our final articles are about romance. There’s a few tips to help you keep romance alive.
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The latest from Consumer Traveler

8 Ways to Avoid Baggage Fees
Baggage fees can sometimes almost equal airfares. Here are eight ways that baggage fees can be avoided.
Warning: You’re losing money when you (only) take those fee waivers!
During the recent snowstorms sweeping across the country, airlines are offering no-change-fee rebookings, but they often come with restrictions. Is that the best way to go?
What are you thinking TSA?
It’s time for TSA to shape up and do the job for which they were created. It looks to Ned Levi as though TSA’s “Twenty Layers of US Aviation Security” has an outrageously huge hole right up the middle of it, rendering the “security layers,” as a whole, impotent.
Is airline boarding starting too early?
Of all the time spent on an airplane, sitting in seats at the gate waiting for the departure has got to be amongst the worst. Are planes boarding too early?
A holiday travel sex and romance index
Expedia and LAN commissioned a study that asked 1,000 Americans aged 18 or older about romance and sex while traveling. Here are the results.
Charlie’s “Most Romantic in America”
Romance is a yearlong proposal. Every successful couple I know seeks out a bit of romance on every trip they take together; even if the kids are around.

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