The 7 most annoying airline travelers you'll meet before you board the plane

While there are plenty of lists of the most annoying people to sit next to on a plane, there is another group of travelers that can make time in airports hellish before you even get to board the plane. Here are my personal picks. No doubt readers can add to this list.
1. Security scatterbrains. It’s been about a decade since liquids over 100 ml were banned from carry-on bags. Keys, coins (and now phones) in pockets have never been allowed. But, there are still travelers who somehow still seem to be stunned when they get stopped. Amusing maybe, when you are not in a hurry. Less amusing when you’ve got a flight leaving soon. Especially when TSA puts these people randomly in pre-check lines.
2. Walkway Statues. In the US it’s pretty standard. Stand right. Walk left. But then there are the folks who just get on a moving walkway, then plant themselves in the middle or two abreast, usually with their bags to one side. Then, they look especially peeved if you ask them to please move.
3. The “I have children?” parents. Many of the same ones who ignore their kids on a plane also ignore them on the ground. Enough is enough when kids are running around treating the terminal like their own personal playground. Some of these parents realize they have children, but there’s just no way they will stifle the little darlings’ creative urges and energy.
4. Plug hogs. Airports are getting a little better at having power outlets for passengers. But they are still generally in short supply. Plug hogs not only may commandeer the outlets for over an hour, they can have multiple devices, all that MUST be charged right now.
5. The Leisurely Shoppers. Hey, many of us — especially women — like to take our time and browse while shopping. But there’s recreational shopping and there’s airport shopping. When you’re in line, rushing to grab a magazine or a snack before boarding, there’s nothing like being behind someone who’s taking their time, either running back and forth changing their mind, or digging every last bit of exact change out of their purse or pockets.
“Leisurely Shoppers” show up in airport fast-food lines, too. They are filled with questions like: “Uh, can I get that sandwich but with different bread? Do you have anything gluten free? Do you have low-fat mayonnaise? Can you make sure the tomatoes are really thinly sliced?” Of course, they’re always at Starbucks, where the odds of someone micromanaging their coffee order seem to go up the closer you are to boarding time.
6. Boarding area Blockers. Most airlines board by group numbers. However, there are always those passengers who decide they either need to be as close to the plane as possible or they have to be first in their group. And they stand right in the middle of the boarding lanes. These folks are related to walkway statues. Good luck getting around them.
7. Texting Zombies. Ahh for the good old days when people walked through terminals annoying their fellow travelers with phone conversations. Now, while a few talkers still exist, the most annoying people with smartphones walk head down, texting with one-hand while often dragging a large rolling bag with the other and don’t look out for anything or anyone.
So how about you, Consumer Traveler readers? Any types to add to this list? Any stories you want to get off your chest? Venting IS cathartic.