What we’re reading: Disney cruise ships to offer WiFi by megabyte, Jetblue status challenge, reducing 777 chance of cyberattack

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Disney cruise ships first to offer WiFi by megabyte

Disney Cruise Lines is the first cruise line to charge by how many megabytes are used rather than how much time is spent online.

Disney is the first line to implement the Connect@Sea system developed by MTN Communications. Beyond enabling the cruise line to better match a user’s needs to the price charged, MTN said the data allotment system makes more efficient use of bandwidth. As a result, speeds for all users should increase.

JetBlue to offer status challenge and match for frequent flyers

JetBlue announced two ways for passengers to gain status with the airline.

The first of these is a status challenge, which is open to new and existing members of the airline’s TrueBlue loyalty program who register by April 18. Under the rules of the challenge, passengers who earn at least 3,750 base points in 90 days will be rewarded with Mosaic status for the rest of this year and through the end of 2015.

The second way flyers can gain Mosaic status is through a status match. Members of other airlines’ frequent flyer programs who have the requisite status there can automatically earn Mosaic status for the rest of 2014 when they register for the Mosaic Challenge.

Boeing, FAA reduce 777 vulnerability to cyberattack

Boeing and the FAA are working to prevent the “hostile takeover of any 777 model by unauthorized access to critical systems and data networks from the passenger cabin.”

Even so, recently issued FAA special conditions — which became effective for the 777-200, -300 and -300ER in November — are designed to address a potential loophole in the safety standards, which has emerged with the recent development of onboard network systems that connect the increasingly sophisticated passenger services computers with those hosting previously isolated critical aircraft systems and data networks.