Newsletter – February 1, 2015

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A week in review: Blizzard exposes cold hearts, Travel tips for 2015, CEOs demand airfare cuts and more

Airlines do have compassion! But it takes a blizzard for them to show it. Airlines waived their strict ticket change rules in advance of last week’s storm. But why does it take an act of nature for them to show compassion? Chris Elliott’s article delves into this issue more.
Also, the CEOs of Travelers United and Flyers Rights recently sent a letter to airline CEOs asking why consumers are still paying high fuel surcharges. You can read more about that letter here.
Other articles this week include travel tips for 2015, Hyatt being reasonable with their Wi-Fi charges and illegal weapons in carry-on bags.
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The latest from Consumer Traveler

Does this blizzard expose the travel industry’s cold heart?
Travel companies shouldn’t wait for a reason to show compassion. Every day should be a snow day. Why? Because it’s right.
8 Great Travel Skills for 2015
Here are the skills in a nutshell — be flexible, learn loyalty, master OTAs, burn mileage awards, go local, customize, walk and talk, and pay attention to your diet. Simple, right?
Kudos to Hyatt for not playing games with free WiFi
It’s about time. Hyatt Hotels makes it simple — Free WiFi at all Hyatt Hotels, worldwide, period, no matter how or by whom the reservation is booked.
Consumer leaders to airline CEOs: Cut airfares, now!
Prices are plummeting at gas pumps every day, yet airfares have remained steady or even increased over the past six months.
Air travel security: guns, explosives, and hidden weapons
The number of weapons being attempted to be illegally brought on-board planes in carry-on bags has ballooned in recent years. Ned Levi discusses this problem which is causing passengers major inconvenience and delays.

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