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10 great Christmas gifts, Hassle-free travel over the holidays, Airlines howl about taxes (but don’t pay them), Warning about dropping off rental cars, and more…

Enjoy your holiday travel. Read below for some tips that can help make your travels hassle-free. Also, be careful when you drop off your rental car. You may still be on the hook for some expenses. Finally, airlines howl about taxes but don’t pay them! See the articles below for more in-depth discussions.

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The latest from Consumer Traveler

Ned’s 10 great holiday gifts for travelers
With the holidays coming up fast, it’s time for Ned’s annual holiday gift roundup for travelers. He has put together a list of high-tech and low-tech items plus, expensive gifts and inexpensive stocking stuffers. All are great for the road warrior and frequent travelers you know.

Room to Explore – Boar’s Head Inn
Few charming inns are as closely associated with Thomas Jefferson. It provides an intimate introduction to one of the most multi-talented men ever to reside in the White House.

Airlines howl about taxes, but they don’t pay them
As we come into the holiday season when the spirit of giving spreads across the world, airlines are doing all of the taking and none of the gift-giving. Their plans are being hatched to give even less in the future.

The 12 ways of Christmas savings and hassle-free travel
One can account for delays and weather, but travelers can proactively make sure they are ready to travel and ready for situations that may faced while underway.

Warning! Dropping off your rental car doesn’t mean you’re off the hook
Budget Rent a Car recently quoted Roy Bonney a $96 rate for a one-day rental from Norfolk to Washington. But it sent him a bill for $3,374. There is more to the story.

5 grinches of holiday flight boarding
One of the worst parts of airline travel has become the boarding process. Around the holidays, the boarding grinches come out in force.

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