8 things I never thought I’d miss about travel

We all have taken travel for granted. Now, we miss much of its ‘charms.’ 

miss about travelThere are so many wonderful things I miss about travel. We’re all missing travel during this pandemic. We are not visiting old friends or seeing new places. And whether it’s food, museums, or natural beauty, we’re all going to appreciate them more in the future than we did before this pandemic. At least in the short run, that is.

We all wax nostalgic every so often. Often favorite trips come up and who we traveled with. Sometimes we can relive the past days. even trivial experiences. Some adventures, sadly, may not happen again for a long time, if ever. And sometimes, it is just little things we may miss. While I’m not a breakfast person, I love really good hotel breakfast buffets. I hate to shop at home, but enjoy shopping while traveling. I love resale shops where you can try things on. Well, that’s going to be more complicated at the very least going forward.

Every so often, I daydream just for fun. We do need more fun these days. I’ve been dreaming and thinking about travel experiences that I took for granted. They will probably come back. However, I never expected to miss them.

1. Packing.

I hate packing, but it’s anticipation. And often fun, especially in retrospect, to imagine occasions you’d be needing the things you pack. (Note, when clothes are involved, this is usually more of a girl thing.)

2. Overpriced airport food and shops.

In most airports, I have found something interesting and regional. Oddly enough, one of my canceled trips this spring had a layover in Heathrow. I chose that route with that particular airport layover so I could go to a couple of my favorite shops there.

3. Buying magazines or newspapers.

For me, along with some of my friends, travel is still one of the times I often indulge in a magazine. And not just something travel (i.e., somewhat work-related) or serious, but a woman’s or pop culture magazine. When my son was in college, we had a shared ritual of something like “People,” just for fun.miss about travel

4. Looking at departure-arrival boards at airports.

Yeah, more often than not it was just to HOPE that my particular flight was on time.

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5. Waiting at the airport.

Of course, I flew enough that it was worth it to me to buy an airline club membership. And even a crowded United lounge was a nice little break from the world. But also, even just waiting in the boarding area or in an airport bar/restaurant was a change from routine, and a chance perhaps to treat yourself, especially with one of those aforementioned magazines.

6. Airplane books.

I read a variety of things for pleasure, but there is a particular kind of book that feels especially appropriate while flying. Nothing too serious. Even something you might think was the literary equivalent of junk food. Ideally engrossing and readable in the length of a single cross-country flight.

7. Bitching about airplane internet.

miss about travelYes, I have bitched a lot about airplane internet. Especially because it’s often not great, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. But the fact that it works at all has made it possible for me personally to travel a great deal more. I can (usually) keep up with work and my clients have no idea that I’m not in the office. Plus, inflight internet also has meant those of us who are news and/or sports junkies don’t (usually) miss out. (I still remember the year we booked a flight home from New Orleans on Super Bowl Sunday by mistake when only some planes had WiFi — landed and discovered we had missed not only the whole game, but a great comeback by the Giants against the Patriots, a team l love to root against.)

8. Airline travel in general.

I even miss being in a packed coach seat with overpriced little bottles of lousy wine. And, I really miss window seats.

Photo of schedule board by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash Photo of computer by Christin Hume on Unsplash