Newsletter – February 22, 2015

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A week in review: Resort fees, Earning FF points without flying, Flight cancellations, Most annoying travelers, TSA professionalism

Here we go again. Get ready for an increase in resort fees. Chris Elliott explores how consumers at one time were infuriated with these fees. Now? Not so much.
Did you know there’re many ways to earn frequent flyer points without actually flying? You can even earn points when you pay your monthly mortgage. Charles McCool has some great tips to earn more points. Do you have any tips to share? If so, please comment at the end of the article.
Other stories this week include why flight cancellations are not the fault of the tarmac-delay rule, and a list of the most annoying airline travelers you’ll meet; even BEFORE you board the plane. And finally, Ned Levi examines TSA’s professionalism; or lack there of.
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The latest from Consumer Traveler

Uh-oh! Hotel resort fees are on the rise
Don’t look now, but those reviled mandatory resort fees are on the rise — and in places you might not expect.
8 great ways to earn frequent flyer points without flying
Believe it or not, flying is not the most common way to earn frequent flyer points. Following are some ways to earn frequent flyer points without stepping onto an airplane.
Why flight cancellations are not the fault of the tarmac-delay rule
The airlines would have Congress and regulators believe that the tarmac-delay rule has forced them to cancel thousands of flights this winter. The truth is, they cancel flights for their own good. And, for their passengers’ good.
The 7 most annoying airline travelers you’ll meet before you board the plane
Some of the most annoying people when traveling are found at airports. Janice Hough takes a look at some classic examples of travelers who irritate us the most.
No TSA professionalism
Roger Vanderklok is suing TSA for having him wrongly arrested based on the request of the same TSA supervisor who lied under oath. Ned Levi examines TSA and their supervisor’s conduct during the incident and trial.
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