Swedish massage at Canada’s Sun Peaks Resort

sunpeaksThe only thing sweeter than skiing on sugar-like snow all day with an old-fashioned sundae of good friends, colleagues and your sweetheart, is topping it off with a whipped cream visit to the Sun Peaks Spa.

Everyone knows that too much sugar (even if it is the snowy kind) can be a stress on the bod while skiing. So, those of us who can afford such luxuries know that getting fully involved in a regular old standard Swedish massage can renew and refresh both the body and the spirits.

Every day exhausted skiers and snowboarders straggle into the spa and meet Leslie, a woman of strong hands and sweet demeanor.

massagesDeep inside a dark wood paneled room that looks and feels like a cabin in the woods, they lie naked on a high table and relish Leslie’s hour-long attentions. They relax as she kneads out the knots in those sore shoulders, kinky calves and forgotten feet. Why is it we always forget about those trusty feet that daily take us hither and yon?

Following meltdown, roll that body-butter basted body back to your room and throw it prone for a well-deserved snooze before dinner and another evening of fun with friends.

A small facility in the Sun Peaks Lodge, the Spa offers a multitude of services including classic nail and body treatments, even those couples “side-by-side” massages so popular with the 30-somethings. If, on a run, a skier or snowboarder should come to an unceremonious stop and incur a strain, the Spa has registered massage therapists to treat medical maladies.

Go ahead. Make that appointment. Treat yourself. You know you want to and you really know you’ll be so glad you did.