What we're reading: United O'Hare employee clinic, UA plane hits fuel truck, 787 probe widens

O'Hare Airport Art by Leocha
United Airlines opens free workplace health clinic at O’Hare
To promote the health and well-being of its employees, United Airlines partnered with Walgreens to open up a health clinic at O’Hare for its employees.

The clinic, managed by Walgreens, will serve a broad scope of employees’ health needs, such as urgent care for routine illness, travel and other immunizations including flu shots, prepackaged medications, job-related physical training and pre-employment physicals, at no cost to employees. The convenient access to these and other health care services is available to all United employees, including the more than 10,000 co-workers in the Chicago area.

Blown by strong winds, airliner hits fuel truck
Strong winds at Buffalo Niagara International Airport blew a United 737 into a fuel truck, damaging its nose.

Thankfully, no passengers or airline staff were on board when the plane hit the fuel truck, and no injuries were reported. More photos of the plane’s unlikely accident, sent to The Weather Channel by a pilot who witnessed it, are shown below.

Dreamliner probe widens after excess battery voltage ruled out
The NTSB has ruled out excess battery voltage as the cause of the fire aboard a JAL 787 in Boston.

A growing number of investigators and Boeing executives are working around the clock to determine what caused the two incidents, which the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration says released flammable chemicals and could have sparked a fire in the plane’s electrical compartment.