What we’re reading: Asia-Pacific now biggest market, Heathrow deploys body scanners, FAA fines American Eagle

Asia-Pacific aviation now biggest market

The International Air Transportation Association says that the Asia-Pacific region is the “biggest passenger market in aviation.”

“In 2009, intra-Asia Pacific travel had eclipsed the number of travellers in North America as the world’s largest aviation market,” the International Air Transport Association said in a statement.

London’s Heathrow deploys body scanners

The United Kingdom has deployed body scanners at Heathrow airport on Monday.

The scanners, which see through clothes to produce an image of the body, have caused unease among human rights campaigners who fear an invasion of passengers’ privacy as well as the disproportionate scrutiny of Muslim travelers by authorities.

“Given the current security threat level, the government believes it essential to start introducing scanners immediately,” said Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis.

FAA to fine American Eagle $2.5 Mln

The Federal Aviation Administration announced that it will fine American Eagle $2.5 million “for allegedly calculating cargo weight improperly.”

The FAA said American Eagle conducted at least 154 passenger flights in 2008 with the wrong baggage weight entered into an electronic system that computes aircraft loads and balance.

(Photo: caribb/Flickr Creative Commons)