Vote: Which airline is just the worst?

by Joseph Luther from
When Skytrax recently announced the top airlines from one of the largest and most comprehensive independent surveys of travelers from around the world, there was something missing.
The US, which boasts some of the largest and most successful airlines in the world, was conspicuously absent from the survey’s top ten list.
In fact, there wasn’t a single US airline listed in the top 20. And it wasn’t until Virgin America was ranked as number 26 that a domestic carrier was represented.
The Skytrax awards are based on independent surveys completed by 18.9 million passengers from more than 105 different nations around the world.
The survey, which includes more than 245 budget and full-service airlines, measured 41 different parameters ranging from boarding procedures to seat comfort to quality of service.
So why didn’t any US carriers crack the top 10, or even the top 25?
The answer is undoubtedly related to customer satisfaction. The Skytrax survey results hit the news at the same time US carriers are being called out for shrinking cabin space, complex carry-on baggage rules, service delays and technology issues.
There will, inevitably, be those who argue with the survey results and, to be certain, the poll is only one measure among many to assess the industry.
But the question remains: How can some airlines be so beloved, and others so reviled?
It got the advocates at this site thinking. If Skytrax was to be the standard bearer for the 100 best airlines, who would shine the light on the nation’s worst?
We’d have to go to the experts. And who better to ask than readers of this site? Help us decide! Which is your pick for worst airline of the summer of 2015?
Vote for your favorite (worst) airline below. We’ve included ten of the largest in the US, arranged alphabetically. Don’t forget to come back to check the results!
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