Learn how secure WiFi can make a whopping cybersecurity difference

When traveling, be smart — use secure WiFi from Travelers United Plus

secure wifiSecure WiFi works for travelers whether they are traveling in their neighborhood or to the other side of the planet. Plus, it works when anyone works from home.

From Starbucks to Marriott, to Segovia or Milano, use secure WiFi. Failure to secure your Internet connection allows anyone to track your Web activity. Travelers United Plus provides security for WiFi anywhere you travel

WiFi security only costs $49 a year with Travelers United Plus

Stop WiFi risk with Travelers United Plus.

Some security experts compare the dangers of unprotected WiFi to having unprotected sex. If web users do not take the necessary protections, there may be lasting consequences. Everyday unprotected travelers lose personal data, passwords, financial information, private photos, and videos.

Travelers know that using WiFi hotspots can be dangerous. Nonetheless, they keep on using them, according to a study by privatewifi.com. Three-quarters of people admitted to connecting to their personal email while on public WiFi. About 70-75 percent of the public use unsecured public WiFi when away from the office.

Hotspots for WiFi are open systems. Therefore, anyone can join and anyone can see what others are saying in an email or reading online. Bank account numbers can be stolen. Social security numbers can be compromised. Passwords can be discovered. Easy-to-download programs can capture information packets from nearby computers using public WiFi systems.

Americans don’t know the dangers of public WiFi from CNBC.

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Irritated by hotel resort fees?Don’t work from home on an unsecured computer or smartphone. Why roll the dice whenever you log into any WiFi network at hotels, coffee shops, or airports? Travelers United Plus includes secure WiFi through a VPN as part of the membership fee. Use it anywhere at any time whenever you travel out of your front door.

Travelers United Plus will shroud your Web identity. Therefore, it allows your email to move across the Web without being compromised. A VPN allows users whenever they’re away from home to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs can be used to access region-restricted websites, shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public WiFi, and more.

Why Password Manager is my most-used online tool
Protect yourself from identity theft while online

Travelers United VPN covers five connected devices

VPN: Key for Travelers' Internet Security DownloadVPNs essentially forward all your network traffic to the remote network. The Travelers United Plus program can stay located in the US. The benefits of accessing local network resources remotely and bypassing Internet censorship make staying in touch easier.

Protect yourself and your data

  • Hide Browsing Activity: When using a public WiFi connection, unsecured websites can be hacked by everyone nearby if they know how to look. Always check to see if a site has HTTPS. Connecting to a VPN, such as the Travelers United Plus system, allows travelers to hide browsing activity for more privacy. Anyone trying to steal information from the local network only sees a single, secure VPN connection. All the other Web traffic travels over the VPN connection, not the local network.
  • Access Geo-Blocked Websites: An American can access a Netflix account while traveling out of the country. Travelers can use American media sites like Pandora and Hulu. They can access these region-restricted services if connected to a US VPN. Note: Netflix and some other subscription sites have installed systems to prevent use of their services via VPNs.
  • Other Geo-Blocked Websites: Match.com shifts to the local countries when traveling — a VPN allows wannabe lovers to stay in contact. Plus, some online travel agents provide different rates to local travelers than those provided to websites in the USA. Checking hotel prices and airfares “at home”  as well as locally can score travelers some secret bargains.
  • Bypass Internet Censorship: Many people in closed societies use VPNs to get around the national firewalls and gain access to the entire Internet. (However, these countries are cracking down on VPNs, just like Netflix.)
  • Use secure passwords. Our password manager makes it easy.

Travelers United Plus Cybersecurity works from your home office and anywhere you use your computer, iPad, or smartphone.

Irritated by hotel resort fees?Connecting to a VPN and getting secure WiFi is easy once a membership module is installed. Fill out credentials and the Internet system will easily be configured. Use it every day you work from your home office.

Join Travelers United, America’s largest travel advocacy organization. We advocate for travelers every day in Washington. We provide secure-anywhere WiFi, a data vault for important documents, and include a password manager in our package, whether you travel across the planet or around the corner. Above all, Travelers United works to make travel better.

Other cyber security features from Travelers United Plus: Password Manager and Secure Swiss Server

Monitoring passwords is hard enough. Our password manager makes it easier to use a strong and unique password for every website. Members simply remember their Master Password and our tool will automatically fill in their unique username and password on any login screen. It will also fill in the checkout form for faster online check outs. Members may store unlimited passwords, save the time, and skip the hassle of online forms.

Here’s your own online Swiss vault included with your membership. Protect your passport, medical records, and other data in an online Swiss vault . Your data is protected by Swiss laws, which are some of the most restrictive in the world. Personal data is defined as a “precious good” and is housed in one of the country’s numerous Cold-War era army barracks, tucked away from view behind four-tonne steel doors built to withstand a nuclear attack. The tight security includes biometric scanners and an armed guard while its exact GPS location remains a jealously guarded secret.

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