Learn about the importance of secure WiFi via a VPN

Travelers United offers one of the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) deals on the Internet

The Travelers United Plus VPN will provide secure WiFi whenever you are using your device, from a local coffeeshop to a far-away hotel. Our VPN takes whatever WiFi network you are using and electronicaly changes the servers, so that your IP address and data are encrypted and hidden.

Members can use the Travelers United Plus VPN for basic Web security, but it can also be used to change the virtual location of computers. This will allow members to spoof the Internet so that they appear to be logging in from another location. This means that travelers can watch their favorite TV shows from a foreign country or stay connected to a work network even when outside of the office and across the planet.

Here is a list of ways that the Travelers United Plus VPN can secure and change the use of a computer over a secure WiFi network while traveling. We mean any kind of traveling — every day in your home neighborhood or anywhere on the planet.

Why You Need a VPN

Secure WiFi protects your data across the planet

VPNs are the key to secure WiFi. Whether traveling across town, to another state, or across the ocean, a VPN will allow travelers to send information via email securely. No hackers can break into their communications or steal priceless data. Many businesses already use VPNs for their correspondence. A VPN can secure messsages whenever employees are using WiFi networks.

These software safeguards are especially important when surfing on public WiFi connections. Using unsecure WiFi in a cafe, on a bus or train, or in hotel rooms across the planet is simply foolish. The VPN will provide a firewall against hackers and encryption and deters other data theft. A VPN can also stop downloads of spyware and malware to computers.

VPN: Key for Travelers' Internet Security DownloadAccessing local programming while abroad

In many cases, streaming of US TV programs while in foreign countries is forbidden. With a VPN, that can be worked around. Other national sites can be used overseas only with a VPN. Let’s assume that you have a hot date that you are flirting with on Match.com. The VPN will allow your flirting to take place across oceans. Otherwise, you view a local national version of Match.com in France, Germany, or Italy.

An online university requires that you use a US server to access classes, take tests, and do research. Your employer may require you to log into your work server from a US-based server. Here, a VPN will save the day by allowing access.

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The Travelers United Plus VPN service is strong and allows members to use up to five devices per membership.
  • Secure WiFi is also one of the most affordable programs. The VPN is included in the $29 initial membership charge and later it will be renewed when your $39 Plus membership is extended. Almost every other VPN service will cost at least about $100 for an annual program. (Join today. The membership price will rise later this year.)
  • Travelers United Plus provides a special Virtual Vault. Here, secure documents can be kept while traveling. This will allow travelers to have access to insurance, medical, and bank records without the fear that they can be stolen or discovered. The Vault is physically located in Switzerland, where its privacy rules are maintained under Swiss laws. The rules are far stricter than US rules.
  • All Travelers United Plus members can download a $25 discount coupon every month for our nationally-known restaurant dining program with thousands of local restaurants across the country.

All this is a great bargain for travelers. The benefits add up to more than $400 for members using all of the program’s possibilities. The income generated by the Travelers United Plus program allows us to keep working in Washington for everyday travelers.

Membership in the Plus program provides great benefits and alllows you to help change the travel policies in DC.