Rats! Top 5 rodent-infested airports

Like rats jumping from a sinking ship, disease-carrying rodents apparently sense the dreadful state of air travel today. Perhaps that’s why they’re abandoning the planes and taking up residence in the airport terminals instead.

Along with crowds of summer travelers and rude TSA agents, rats and mice are making an appearance at an airport near you. Here are the five most rodent-infested airports.

Chicago O’Hare International
Yesterday we reported that dozens upon dozens of rats have taken up residence in at least one concourse of Terminal 1 at Chicago O’Hare. One traveler reported that during a March snowstorm, she saw children feeding mice. Can you say “disgusting”?

Orlando International
Orlando is home to at least one famous mouse, of course. But at the airport? Maybe Mickey just wanted a vacation far away from Disney World. Technically, these were Mickey’s cousins. Plus, they were dead. The overpowering stench nauseated both workers and passengers, some of whom were sent home sick.

Newark Liberty International
Apparently, in Terminal A at Newark Liberty at least a few rats have taken up residence according to one eyewitness report. Funny, we thought they were confined to New York’s fast food restaurants. Guess not.

Miami International
Ranked as one of the top customer service complaints at Miami International (imagine that!?), rats and mice were apparently disturbed in the wake of a multi-million dollar construction project at the airport.

Anchorage International
Stoprats.org reports that at least two pet rats were abandoned at Anchorage International Airport recently. The rodents were found near an open pet carrier hidden under a stairwell. A passenger reported the rats to airport officials, who in turn contacted the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, who in turn responded and “eliminated” the rats because they could not, for whatever reason, be netted.