Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
We want to express our gratitude for your being a part of Travelers United.

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Without your help, Travelers United can not change travel for you,
the American public.
We could not have made any of the following changes that you enjoy every day.

            • The 24-hour Rule that allows changes to airline bookings for 24 hours after
              making reservations for any reason. We pushed for this change in order to provide
              an ability to change errors made when booking online.
            • An increase in lost/delayed/damaged checked luggage damage limits to $3,500 per passenger
            • A doubling of the Denied Boarding Compensation to as much as $1,350
            • The introduction of legislation to stop unadvertised Hotel Resort Fees
            • The Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protections
            • The Full-fare advertising rule (all airfares must include airfare plus mandatory taxes and fees)

Because you joined your voice with thousands of others, Travelers United is now
the country’s largest consumer advocacy group in Washington, DC.
We work every day in the halls of Congress, with the staff of the major Senate and
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Help us help you. We hope you have a restful and fulfilling holiday.

Warm regards,
Travelers United