Faster TSA checkpoints, AA pilots agree on seniority, airline claims app

Faster US airport security checkpoint delays

The number of passengers waiting 20 minutes or more at TSA checkpoints dropped by 64 percent at US airports.

The Transportation Security Administration attributed the drop to the growth of its TSA Pre program, which allows passengers considered low-risk to go through an expedite screening process. The program, begun in December, is in place at 118 US Airports.

American Airlines pilots reach tentative accord with counterparts at US Airways on seniority

Pilots at American Airlines Group is closer to having an integrated seniority list.

On Thursday, the union representing US Airways pilots announced it had reached a deal with the union representing American Airlines pilots on a protocol agreement. This would result in a process under which the two pilot unions would create an integrated seniority list.

Travel app review: ClaimAir uncomplicates airline compensation

It seems that any time you try to get compensation from an airline, you have to jump through hoops to get the airline’s attention. An app may help you jump through one less hoop.

Enter Claimair. This handy mobile app is basically the perfect flow chart if you have a canceled flight, excessively delayed arrival, denied boarding, or facing lost baggage. So next time your blood pressure is rising, step away from the gate and tap on this new app.