Enjoying the world via scenic virtual video tours

The All Gizah Pyramids, Egypt

Everyone who is tired of being cooped up in our coronavirus lockdowns can have a chance to discover new parts of the world. Go for a hike in the Alps or the Oregon Coast. Or, take special virtual video tours.

The virtual video tours mentioned here cover the world’s most exciting hikes filled with natural beauty. You’ll have a chance to visit the best museums in the world and walk along the canals of Venice or through the Casbah in Morocco. You will also have the chance to wander through the top museums in the world at your own pace.

12 virtual walking trails around the world that you can experience right now

This series of virtual video tours takes us from the Canadian Rockies to the coastline of Oregon. They allow hikers to virtually traverse the Swiss Alps, to walk along a Hawaiian beach, and to wander through the sandstone shapes of Utah. Besides wandering along paths through nature you’ll have the opportunity to discover Positano and the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

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The Guggenheim Museum in New York City

Ranked: The world’s 15 best virtual video tours to take during coronavirus

While travel has come to a near standstill during the coronavirus pandemic, technology is allowing you to visit almost any place on the planet in the blink of an eye. According to Google Keyword Planner data, searches for the term “virtual tour” increased seven times — from 1,300 in February to almost 10,000 in March, when governments around the world began locking down countries and cities. And as billions of people around the world continue to shelter in place, the numbers keep rising.

Here, we’ve got the list of the 15 top-ranked virtual tours, plus some other cool travel experiences to have from the comfort of your couch.

Google’s museum views

virtual tours

The Monastery in Petra, Jordan

Google Maps does far more than only help you navigate by using its GPS functions. There is much more. Street View takes travelers along the narrow alleys of Venice and its thousands of bridges. Visit scores of great museums. Or, you can walk through Madrid, Spain, or along the National Mall in Washington, DC. The amazing technology of Google Maps allows one to walk through the ruins of Petra, Jordan. and along the Great Wall of China. The detail is amazing and the experience is as close to reality as we get today.

Go and search items like Google Maps Petra or Google Maps street view Venice. You can discover for yourself how it works. Even I, after years of dealing with Web interfaces, learn something every day about the features of Google Maps.

All photos from Wikimedia Commons.