7 basic standards of excellence needed to be a 5-Stars hotel

How to become a 5-Stars hotel — it is not easy

5-stars hotelThere’s no one answer. The 5-Stars hotel and restaurant standards vary for different people depending on personal requirements and expectations. There’s no question that some part of a 5-Stars ranking is subjective. But here’s a summary of a few musts and there are additional criteria.

1 – Service that makes people feel like stars, important, and safe

It’s when the staff gives you the feeling they love their work and it’s not simply a job — that’s 5-Stars. They genuinely want to please guests and if it means going out of their way and doing something extra, the client won’t know if it’s an imposition.

Irritated by hotel resort fees?2 – Hotels where the staff is impeccably dressed and caters to clients’ needs and wants

For example, high tea being served using silver and perfectly white pressed linen. Cocktails should be served on a tray accompanied by cloth cocktail napkins and well-presented hors d’oeuvres.

3 – Cleanliness and décor are big 5-Stars factors, plus total attention to detail

There’s nothing like a room with a wonderful view where the bed linens are ironed and there are flowers. The bathrooms should be elegant and you shouldn’t have to grope for the soap or be confronted by scratchy towels. Noise from the hall or adjoining rooms should not be heard.

Why do travel sites say “last room” when they have plenty?
Hotel safety is still primarily on the shoulders of guests

4 – UnderstandingDownload Hotel Early Check-In Checklist

Five-stars hotel service requires an effort on the part of the staff to understand the individual being served and to specifically tailor the service so that he or she feels completely at ease.

5 – Meeting expectations

The 5-Stars service is uninterrupted by negotiation or by the customer having to explain or educate the personnel about their expectations. A five-stars establishment has already calibrated its service to the highest level.

6 – Every 5-Stars restaurant is flawless when it comes to food and service

A large staff serves the courses, but they’re choreographed to make it seem as though only one person is waiting on you. There is no noise or bumping into other dining room personnel as wine is poured or during the meal. Guests aren’t rushed, but when they ask for the bill, it should be processed in a timely manner.

5-stars hotel7 – Anticipates needs

With 5-Stars service the staff is more than gracious, always smiles, is willing to go more than all out to please clients, proactively fill their needs, and follows up. For example, I was bowled over when I returned to one hotel after a two-year hiatus and it had a VERY soft pillow in my room when I arrived. Plus, there was a yogurt waiting for me each night because I take a medication that requires it at bedtime. I didn’t have to ask because it was entered in the hotel’s data bank. I call that impressive, since how could they know I’d ever return? And even more amazingly, I was treated as if I were a regular.

Now it’s your turn to add what makes a hotel or a restaurant a 5-Stars experience for you.

Karen Fawcett was president of BonjourParis. Originally published on July 27, 2009. Updated November 13. 2018. And, updated again in December 2020.